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Living in Abundant Joy with Claudia Klann

This is your Number 1 source of breakthrough tips to discover and fulfill your God-breathed Kingdom destiny. Each podcast is filled with practical advice from Claudia learned and experienced from her years of coaching, mentoring, and pastoring PLUS insightful interviews with extraordinary stories from her guests. Please be sure to comment AND subscribe!

Dec 1, 2020

Annette MAGA Hat

Season 2 Episode 40


Boldness to Go!


Welcome back, Annette Biggers, who in Season 1, Ep 19 taught us the value of dreaming BIG dreams! Annette shares the story of how her own dreams landed her in the White House.


Invited to be the photographer for the filming of The Trump I Know movie released this fall, Annette had the opportunity to prophesy over Lara Trump and personally pray for Donald J. Trump.


Her story reveals:

  • Why it’s crucial to find people who speak life into your life.
  • How God decided to highlight Lara Trump with a hurricane.
  • How to respond to your assignment with boldness and clarity.
  • You can walk in your destiny with the encouragement and belief of others.
  • How to know when to deliver a prophetic word.
  • Living in humility will allow God to open doors for you.

Watch The Trump I Know Movie here or on Amazon Prime.

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