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Your Kingdom Journey

This is your Number 1 source of breakthrough tips to discover and fulfill your God-breathed Kingdom destiny. Each podcast is filled with practical advice from Claudia learned and experienced from her years of coaching, mentoring, and pastoring PLUS insightful interviews with extraordinary stories from her guests. Please be sure to comment AND subscribe!

Mar 4, 2020

Your Kingdom Journey
Times of Transition - Desert or Oasis?

Encouragement in Your Transition to the Future!

Season 1, Episode 12

Host Claudia Klann


March 3, 2020

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Karen Lusby: Times of Transition - Desert or Oasis?

In this interview with Karen Lusby, 

you’ll discover:


  • Times of transition doesn’t have to be scary.

  • Choose between being frozen in fear or overcoming your wounded heart’s negative influence over your future.

  • Your Kingdom journey invites you to engage with God by inviting him into every circumstance.

  • Times of transition relies on community and mentoring from trustworthy people who know you.

  • Choosing to give God the deep desires of your heart - especially in seasons of transition.

  • Letting Jesus change your heart will be the transition to a changed life.

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