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Your Kingdom Journey

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Aug 18, 2021

How do you hold onto hope as Abraham, who contrary to hope, in hope believed?

This week's episode explores practical steps you can take to look again for God's hope for your life.

I invite you to spend some time asking questions of Jesus. I recommend that you either stop this podcast as we go along or return to these questions to ask later. But, please spend some time with Jesus to ask these questions to find the answers that will help you get back to hope. Be sure to listen the entire podcast for further instruction about these questions.

Part 1 Grab your journal and your pen. Quietly focus on Jesus. Give yourself permission to see Jesus in your imagination. Imagine him sitting with you. See him in your mind's eye. We're going to ask him some questions. 

1. Ask Jesus for the last promise he made to you.

2. Ask Him, "What promise did he make that I chose not to believe? Write the answers down.

3. What was your initial response when He first gave you the promise? 

4. What is your response now?

5. Did you believe it then?

6. Will you believe now?

7. What surprised you about what He said and about the process?

  Part 2 Reconnect with Jesus as you just did.

1. Ask Jesus for a reminder of all the times and places of HIS promises made.  Record the answers by writing them down.

2. Now ask for His promises fulfilled. Again, write them down in your journal.

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