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Your Kingdom Journey

This is your Number 1 source of breakthrough tips to discover and fulfill your God-breathed Kingdom destiny. Each podcast is filled with practical advice from Claudia learned and experienced from her years of coaching, mentoring, and pastoring PLUS insightful interviews with extraordinary stories from her guests. Please be sure to comment AND subscribe!

Apr 15, 2020

Gretchen Rogriguez

Season 1, Episode 17

Finding God in Your Brokenness to Discover He is Everything. An interview with Author Gretchen Rodriguez. 

Gretchen Rodriguez learned as a very young girl that God was her place of safety and sanctuary. Though the years of joy and disappointments, Gretchen built a trust and love relationship with Jesus that led her to become the writer for all of The Passion Translation devotionals, 6 books so far. In this honest and vulnerable interview, Gretchen shares the secrets to her intimacy with Jesus as the way to find peace and freedom:

  • What to do when every door closes on the dreams God called you to pursue.
  • How surrender brings peace and complete freedom.
  • Spending time with God became more important than sleep.
  • How to make time with God about connecting with Him and not about you.
  • How to get God’s attention when you just can’t connect with him.
  • How to calm your mind when you get before God.
  • How to create anointed content whatever you do (write, paint, dance, etc.)
  • How to take all of your painful seasons of brokenness and pour them into your craft.

Visit Gretchen’s website for more information. Sign up for her new devotional writing e-course called EXHALE. Listeners of this podcast will receive $10 off through May 2020.

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